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Raft WaterConsumers planning on going white water rafting should always check with the company they will be rafting with to book trips and to confirm that there is actually sufficient raft water available to raft on. The flows in the spring are usually pretty high and can be counted on to provide exhilarating trips. Winter snows are melting and causing streams and rivers to run high and fast providing excellent white water rafting. The water will be cold. Participants will need to wear wet suits to insulate them should they fall into the river duringĀ  the traverse over the rapids. The water is very cold and hypothermia can occur very quickly once you are in the water. Never take any chances when you are in this kind of situation.

Raft Water – Seasons

However as the season moves into late spring and into early summer raft water flows will decline. Some river flows will decline so much that a raft cannot be supported on the river at all. They may only support kayaks or canoes. Still there are many rivers that rafting can be considered. Which provide a combination of tranquil rafting as well as exciting rides through rapids that offer fast water around many rocks and boulders. These types of rapids will be more suitable to beginners and first timers. The water may be warmer and the need to wear a wet suit will be decreased. In fact you may even be able to go swimming in tranquil raft water areas between rapids.

Sufficient Water Flow

If you are really focused on white water rafting always confirm ahead of time that there is enough raft water to provide a great ride down the river. There is no sense in driving a long distance, only to be disappointed. On some rivers the flow of water is dependent on water releases from dams up stream. The guides are well versed regarding when the water will flow and schedule their river trips around these releases. You may not want to be caught in a scheduled release of water. So if the sign indicates safety concerns about water releases, pay attention and follow the directions they provide

Storms will also drive river flows up. If you are aware of rain storms in the mountains or it has been a wet season, river flows may also provide spring like conditions on the rivers. The water will be flowing fast and cold and the rafting will be spectacular. Only by checking with your river rafting tour company can you determine if there is fast water and if there openings available to go white water rafting down the river. They will also advise you regarding what clothing etc to bring with you for your excursion.

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  1. Raft trips and river trips like this sound like fun. We are going to try one this summer , an easy one at first . Then move up to a higher level raft trip.

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