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Zen – Palm Springs Restaurant

Palm Springs RestaurantThe Zen restaurant is in the center of Palm Springs surrounded by other restaurants such as LuLu’s and the Kaiser Grill which we have also written about on this blog.

They have expanded their patio out onto the sidewalk which is covered by the roof so you are still sheltered from the sun and yet have the feeling that you are sitting outside. We sat on one corner and enjoyed our happy hour very much with a couple of beers and several appetizers.  The cutlery is real and there are white table clothes on the tables, so it is really a cut above some of the other restaurants in the area. The waiters are excellent providing very good service as well and we were very pleases by the overall experience.

Zen – Palm Springs Restaurant

The only negative was the price of one of the appetizers which was on one of the happy hour menu items.  We ordered toasted bread with humus as a side for a price of $3.00 . You really do no know what to expect when you are trying something out and we were quite surprised to see a small plate with two small pieces of toasted bread on it with humus spread over these two small pieces of bread. I said to the waiter that this was ridiculous to deliver something so small and charge three dollars. He was embarrassed and nodded agreement and shrugged his shoulders, before walking away. Although there was acknowledgement, there was nothing done to deal with the situation. We paid pour bill and left.

Unfortunately we will not go back to this restaurant because of this although everything else that we had looked great and also what other patrons had as well. We can give this a positive recommendation, however just do not order the toasted bread with humus unless you do not mind the price for a really small appetizer.

Restaurants in the Palm Springs Area

There are many restaurants in the downtown area. Also the surrounding area of Palm Springs in addition to the Zen restaurant to try out. With so many to choose from there is lots of variety and competition as well. Which makes prices and quality excellent. We are slowly trying all of the restaurants in the downtown area and will report on more as we try them.

If you are staying at a motel or condo, near down town, you can walk to everything. Also walk home without the need to worry about drinking and driving. We are fortunate in this regard since we stay two blocks from the downtown area and walk to everything. This is the best way to travel and stay in the Palm Springs area.

Restaurant Happy Hours

Almost all restaurants in the area have a happy hour. They all start around 4 pm and end around 6pm to 7 pm. You have to check with the restaurant you going to for specific hours. Also what is included in their happy hour. Many have reduced prices on selected beers, wine and mixed drinks or well drinks as they are called in the area. Appetizers are also reduced in price as well while some will have special menu’s for happy hour.

Thursday night is when the street fair is held in Palm Springs beginning at 5 pm. This is a great time to take in one of the happy hours. You can watch all of the people who come to the street fair. It is extremely popular with thousands of people attending every Thursday night. It is one of the best times to come to a happy hour at the Zen restaurant. Or one of the others and then go for a walk up and down the street to admire all of the products from the various venders in the area.

For more information about restaurants in the Palm springs area, click here.




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