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Quote from Mary Kay

Quote from Mary KayWe saw this quote from Mary Kay cosmetics the other day and felt that we just had to include it on our blog. Mary Kay is the person that started Mary Kay cosmetics and built it into an empire. She did well in life and we think that when she has something to say, we should probably listen. She has a great deal of experience and has passed much of what she learned along to many women. While you may not like or use her cosmetics, the following quote has a ring of truth to it and that is why you should take the time to read it and pay attention to what she has to say.

Even if this post helps only one person, we feel it was worth it to take the time to make this post. Also if you are a male and feel that this does not apply to you, just read the quote and then decide if it is useful for you. There is something in it for everyone.

Here is the Quote from Mary Kay:

We have two ears and one mouth – so listen more than you speak

On life’s stages, she had another really interesting quote:

From 1 – 18 years, you need your parents

From 18 – 40 years, you need your looks

From 40 – 60 years you need your personality and

From 60 on you need money”

Guess that is why you see so many old guys with young wives. No young women would ever want these old guys, but they sure want their money! They are willing to give up their dignity and their pride to live well and to be married to someone much older than they are. Perhaps they hope their partner will move on at some point and they will be left holding the nest egg.

Perhaps marry Kay did know a thing or two from all of the years she spent building her business. Ladies pay attention to the above quote, keep your looks and save your money for when you turn 60!

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  1. what a neat quote. something to think about as you are going through life for women. even though we talk about being equal, this is something to think about.

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