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Sandrinas Bucerias

Sandrinas Bucerias MexicoThis is another really great restaurant in Bucerias, Mexico. Just down the block from Marks restaurant, you might not even go onto this restaurant because it is also a boutique at the front with a great looking tropical restaurant at the back of the building. You may think it is just another small store, however if you go inside and go to the back of the store there is a great restaurant with great food to try!

This is a must location to visit for lunch or dinner. Some evenings they also will have entertainment. It is a wonderful place to spend an evening under the stars in a tropical environment.

Sandrinas Bucerias Mexico

Bucerias is a small Mexican town north of Puerto Vallarta on Banderas Bay. You get there by there by bus or car from Pureto Vallara and enjoy the day at the beach with a great dining experience that evening.

Sandrinas Bucerias restaurant mexicoTropical outdoor setting with a band playing on some evenings. As you can see from this picture, it is a very enjoyable spot to have a glass of wine or a beer. Perhaps some tequila, which is Mexico’s drink of choice.

Many restaurants in the Puerto Vallarta will serve their customers a shot or two of tequila regardless of what drink they order. At one location we ordered beers all around and the bartender followed the beers with shots of tequila to help us enjoy our meals.

We are not sure if the meals were better or not, but we were well satisfied with the service, the drinks and the meals we had. Sandrinas is a bit more upscale than these sort of restaurants. Patrons are dressed in tropical attire and generally are well dressed as well. Being close to the beach area’s patrons can stop in almost at any time for a meal or a snack under one of the umbrellas.

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