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Presidents Motorcade Palm Springs

Presidents MotorcadeWhether you support the president or not, there is something about a presidential motorcade that really impresses a person. It makes you proud of your country. This was the first time we had the opportunity to observe a presidential motorcade. It was really quite awe inspiring.

The precision and the organization of the motorcade makes one proud of the people involved. The professionalism of the teams of people who are devoted to making sure that the president gets from one location to another safely and quickly is fantastic. In this case he was traveling from the Sunnylands Estate in Palm Springs to the Palm Springs airport. This was for departure back to Washington. He had spent the weekend in Palm Springs coming here for a meeting and a little R&R time at the golf course.

Presidents Motorcade

There was a lead group of about 30 motorcycles, some occasionally pealing off to block streets or to keep onlookers from crowding the road. They roared past us at about 30 miles an hour. They were followed by several police cars, two black limo’s and a number of support vehicles. Also including ambulances, an emergency fire truck. Finally there was a number of cars filled with secret service men, followed up with more motorcycles. This was a team that was ready for just about anything and they also meant business.

It was a site that impressed us. It made us proud of the country and made us sad that the president must travel in this manner due to the threats against him. All of the presidents have been forced to travel in this manner. This isĀ  due to many incidents over the years and the country certainly does not want to go through what they did with the Kennedy’s. The security surrounding the president is much more intense than it was at that time and for good reason.

The motorcade passed us and in less than 10 minutes the president was on his plane and it was on the taxi way ready to take off. There were no delays and the plane was at full throttle heading down the runway.

Still it makes us proud to be part of America even if we need to have this level of security!

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