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Time in Puerta Vallarta

Time in Puerta VallartaWe have spent a lot of Time in Puerta Vallarta and found it to be very enjoyable. After all when you look at a picture like this one, who would not enjoy their time in this wonderful tropical paradise. The climate in Puerto Vallarta is perfect for tropical things to grow with a rainy season in the summer and fall and then a relatively dry season in the winter. It still can be quite humid in the winter time, but there is little rain and most days are sunny and hot. This is pool weather!

Time in Puerta Vallarta

If you are considering spending Time in Puerta Vallarta, there are 4 main areas to consider in terms of where you stay. They are the old town or downtown area, the Marina, Nuevo Vallarta and then the various beach communities that are located around Banderas Bay. They all have something to offer the traveler and the vacationer and they are all different. We will give you a short description of each. You can also get from one to another by bus quite easily with some communities like Yelapa connected by water taxi.

Downtown Puerto Vallarta

Downtown Puerto Vallarta is really the center of the what is going on. It is filled with restaurants and bars and there is the walk along the ocean that many people enjoy for their morning walks or their even walks. There are many hotels and motels in this area and almost all of the buses will pass through this area connecting to the outskirts and the other small towns and villages around the bay. It is busy and quaint and there are lots of small streets to explore.

The marina area is new and more upscale than Puerto Vallarta. There is a large marina with many boats of all kinds and many restaurants as well. There are more hotels that are better class along the marina and along the ocean. We stayed at a condo called the Portofino which we enjoyed very much. It was right on the ocean and near a golf course that we walked past many times. There is some shopping nearby and some restaurants offering great Mexican food.

Nuevo Vallarta

Nuevo Vallarta is further out of town with condo projects, golf courses and a beautiful beach as well. It is about 30 minutes by bus. You are really living in an area that could be anywhere in North America. Everything is upscale and does not have the charm of the Mexican culture in the way that Puerto Vallarta does. It is very nice and many expats prefer to live in this area.

Finally there are many towns and villages that are scattered around the bay that can be reached by bus or water taxi. Many are being developed, but still hold the rural charm that many people are looking for. Enjoy summer days and winter days on the ocean under palm trees with and quaint little restaurants. There is also the hustle and bustle of a small town market in most places that you can visit.

We really enjoyed out time in Puerto Vallarta and plan to go back again.


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