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High School Bullying

There has been a lot of information available on a variety of news programs about high school bullying. It has taken center stage due to many unfortunate situations. Students have been harassed, beat up or worse killed or have committed suicide. This is a terrible situation and it is a good idea to shed some light on this situation.  It is about time, since bullying has been going on for thousands of years. The difference today is that it is not being shoved under the table!

News organizations are making it front and center. Facebook and Twitter are helping as much to hi-lite the situation as they are being used to contribute to bullying. Kids have more tools today in which to bully other kids than they did in the past. Kids have more ways to fight back.

Why Do School Officials Not Deal with High School Bullying?

Adults are not keeping up with the changing technology and the methods that kids can use to bully each other. We just watched an episode on TV were the school officials have their heads in the sand and are denying everything. They simply do not want to get sued and they do not want to risk losing their high paying jobs. It is as simple as that!

They hope that it will just go away and they stick their heads in the sand. When you have a cushy job, you are paid well and most parents are too busy to even talk to the teachers, why should you worry about a couple of kids who are bullying other kids? Most don’t until the situation gets out of hand and someone gets badly hurt. Then it is too late to do anything or stop it. Most teachers don’t even know what Twitter or Facebook is. They grew up and were trained well before computers were even on the horizon.

Baby Boomer Teachers need to Retire

If you are over 45 and still teaching either update your skills in terms of social networking or retire. Figure out how to use Facebook, Twitter a tablet or an iPhone. Use a smart phone and spend the money you need to take training courses that will put you on a level playing field with the teenagers you are teaching.

There is a lot more that is demanded of teachers as there are for most people in all industries these days. If you want to stay competitive, if you want to be current and if you want to stay relevant to the students you are teaching, you need to invest in yourself. Get some training, get a computer and get online!

Well that is our opinion. If you do not like what we said, let us know. If you agree let us know and if you have suggestions that will be of interest to readers, let us know. Negative and bullying comments will be automatically deleted.


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  1. bullying will never end unfortunately. I wish we could stop it, but humans are not all built the same way in this regard and there are just some people who do not get it. fight bullying whenever you can

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