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Pablo Visits Palm Springs California

Visits Palm Springs CaliforniaWell we have spent 2 months in Palm Springs California and I have to say that it is one of the nicest places on earth to spend a vacation or to live. Sure it is hot, particularly in the summer and they do have earthquakes and the odd desert fire, but other than that is  a really great place to live or to spend the winter. We stay within 3 blocks of downtown and can walk to many restaurants and bars in the downtown area. Marilyn’s statue was installed this year and will remain here for a year before it goes to Japan. This statue is 30 feet tall and is in downtown Palm Springs.

We are sad to leave Palm Springs, however it is time for us to head north and avoid the really hot weather in Palm springs. We had a taste of what the summers are like for a few days in Palm Springs. The temperatures hit 107F for a few days. for those of you prefer Celsius, that is 43C. Either way it is pretty hot. For me, anything in the 90’s is just about perfect.

Palm Springs California

Imagine a lifestyle of biking in the cool mornings, going for a swim in the mid morning, going for a coffee at one of the local coffee shops and then have lunch and then back to the pool in the afternoon! Around 5pm, we have happy hour on the patio and then supper in the warm evening. Life cannot get any better than that. That is what we love about Palm springs , California.

Sometimes we go out to one of the many happy hours that are available at some of the restaurants in the area. Usually it is inexpensive beer and half price on appetizers, many of which are really great.

We have spent the months of March and April here and frankly we really do not want to leave, however we have no choice. Our lease is up and also our family misses us. It is time to head home to Canada and say good-bye for another year.

Things to do in Palm Springs

This year I have spent my time doing some of the following things here in the Palm Springs area:

  • Hiking on the many trails in the desert and the mountains
  • Biking around the area on various bike trails
  • Swimming, first time I have swum a kilometer in the pool
  • Going to happy hours at local restaurants
  • Playing tennis
  • Writing posts on my website
  • Lounging by the pool
  • A bit of gambling at one of the many casinos
  • And just generally enjoying ourselves

We also headed over to Las Vegas for a weekend to enjoy the Vegas night life. There is so much to do here that it is really impossible to be bored or not have something to do. The main thing is that it is really a healthy life style and this is the point of this entire post, believe it or not.

With so much to do in the Palm Springs area it is also impossible to not be healthy and live in Palm Springs.  We like to do all of these things and although we do not lose any weight, we are in much better shape when we leave than when we first arrived.

If you have never been to Palm Springs, check out the following link to appreciate all that Palm Springs has to offer. This is one of the many restaurants that we have reviewed in Palm Springs.

For more things to do in Palm Springs, click here,


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  1. what a great place to visit, sounds like there is lots to do in Palm Springs for people of all interests. I enjoy biking and hiking too. maybe we will go there next year and try palm springs

  2. We are going to palm springs this winter, please publish more information, this is really helpful

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