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Who Are Our Role Models Today?

Role ModelsRecently there have been a series of articles that are discussing the role that Cable TV and reality shows are having on our society. Regis was being interviewed on TV this morning and said that Cable TV has brought our culture down with all of the reality shows that are on cable. It is just not the reality shows, rather it is a specific segment of those shows. Some appear to be relatively harmless, such as “Kate plus eight”, Survivor and Big Brother. While others have even caused some of the people on the shows to commit suicide! Since we wrote this post in 2011, nothing seems to have changed and perhaps it has even got worse than it was before. Today it is the gun violence that is taking the front page which just shows how bad it is.

Role Models – The Housewives of XXX!

The Housewives of whatever city, there are so many of them now, expose the worst in relationships that are already fragile, and the people on these shows go out of their way to make them even more provocative. One man killed himself this past week apparently because he could not handle the information about his personal life being all over the world on TV. His marriage was falling apart, he was broke and he was already having emotional problems before the show even started. Is this what we want our kids to watch?

Role Models – Big Brother

Even Big Brother teaches anyone who watches that you have to lie and to cheat your supposed friends in the house. They rationalize it by saying it is just a game, but most people miss that part. Does this teach our young adults and teens that in order to get ahead you have to lie and cheat your friends and do what you have to do to get ahead? Some episodes of Big Brother are better than others, however there are villains in every show and they are the ones that generate the most interest and ratings which is what it is all about.

Role Models – Kate + Eight

A relatively harmless show , Kate + Eight was cancelled this week. Why? Well we can speculate, however we suspect that ratings were falling now that all of the controversy is gone. John and Kate are divorced, he is out of the picture and life is too normal for the shows viewers to be interested in. The divorce was not a good role model, but perhaps the role that Kate was playing, trying to raise her kids is a good model, yet it gets cancelled!

What are Consumers Looking For

Consumers appear to be looking for something that shocks. That takes you away from our boring lives into a world that 99% of us will never have. Yet what impression is it having on our younger generation? Is this the way they think they should live. How many people try to emulate the stars of Jersey Shore. Which is really a nothing show, about a bunch of young adults who get drunk. Who fight and are just plainly crude. Yet they are earning millions and have a huge following. This is just wrong and we need to change!

Abercrombie and Fitch, this week asked the Situation on Jersey Shore to not wear their clothes. They will even pay them to not wear clothes from this chain. What happened. well the stock went down almost immediately!

Coach Our Kids

Parents, we need to watch what our kids watch. We need to take the time to guide them. Help them separate made for TV reality and what is real reality. We need to help them understand the moral high road. So our society does not continue down that path of rudeness and much worse.

Comments are welcome, let us know if you agree or not. Keep it clean and constructive. For more thoughts about role models and reality shows, click here.

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