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Changes in the Moral Climate of our Society

Changes in the Moral Climate of our SocietyDoes anyone else notice this or is it just me? Our Moral climate is declining at an alarming rate. There is the headlines about what is happening in Britain were young people as young as 11 years old and teenagers are out looting stores, burning cars and buildings and causing mayhem.  Why aren’t these people home with their parents? Were are their parents ? and don’t they know they are doing something illegal? These are the headline grabbing stories , but this is just a symptom of something much more worrisome.  This is what we want to talk about in this post.

Have you notice a distinct lack of politeness in the past few years? People just do not respect each other and they definitely do not care about other people.

Moral Climate

Here is a  list of what we observe about our moral climate that is changing for the worst:

  • Please and thank you are hardly every used
  • Holding doors open for people
  • Cutting people off in traffic
  • Allowing cars to merge in traffic
  • Kids out way beyond the time they should be
  • Failing to help people in need
  • Graffiti everywhere
  • More gangs than there used to me
  • People just being plain rude
  • Cutting in line
  • Road rage
  • and on and on

Is it just me or is there a lot less politeness and caring for people than there used to be?  I have seen people walk ahead of me through a doorway and not even acknowledge that there is someone behind them. The door slams closed in front of me and I feel that they just don’t really care at all about whether there is someone behind them or not. This is a relative minor example, but it is an indicator of the rudeness level in public. Now I am perfectly capable of opening any door myself, however I feel that it is a polite and nice thing to hold open doors for someone who is immediately behind me.

How about Canadian Fast Food Locations

How about fast food places, particularly in Canada? The US seems to do better in this category. How often do you go in to a fast food place and you are barely acknowledged. After all you are a customer and should receive polite friendly service. Customary greetings include – hello, good morning, good afternoon, how can I help you and so on. And once you are finished giving your order, a simple thank you would be fine, instead of the proverbial “next”! What is friendly about that all? In Canada, they are really rude and barely acknowledge the customer.

I think that all of us who remember the polite days,should take on the challenge of being overly polite and bringing it to the attention of everyone we come in contact with that they could be more polite and show them how in a nice friendly way. It is the only way it will come to the attention of more and more people. Every time you are nice to someone, help them out or hold the door open will put them in a better frame of mind and perhaps they will be nice to someone else in their lives.

We need to do this to retain a kind and supportive society. It does not mean we should not be aggressive or competitive, just do it in a nice way. That’s our opinion on this subject, Constructive comments and your thoughts on these changes in our society. Do you see this change as well or are we just imagining things?



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