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Hillary Clinton surging at Cristies Expense

We predicted that Hillary Clinton surging at Cristies Expense and all of the attention to governor Cristi would basically kick him out of the running for the US presidency. It appears to be holding true. His popularity poles have sunk to the point where he is running dead last. This is due to perceived wrong doing with the bridge scandal and a number of other suggested negative issues.

Hillary Clinton surging at Cristies Expense

Clinton on the other hand has surged in the poles. Although she has not yet declared her intention to run for election to the highest job in the nation,  she is the person for the job as far as the democrats are concerned. Unless someone comes along to outpace her.

There is a lot more to come in terms of how Governor Cristi will respond to the allegations concerning the bridge scandal. We also wonder whether they will stick or not. This could all disappear if the investigations clear his name. If this happens, the people who fired these political bullets did so too soon. There could be a strong back lash against the democrats as well if they are seen to be behind this entire fiasco.

We will have to wait and see if there is more to come. Cruise forward to the 2016 presidential race and this time Governor Cristi is being out run by Donald Trump. Trump is behind Hillary in the poles. At the time of this update there is still 5 months to the election and anything could happen.

Hillary Clinton surging at Cristies Expense

But Hillary is now focused on Trump and beating him to the presidential seat in Nov. This is an amazing race to watch because of all of the trash talk and the issues that are being brought forward by both parties.

It is anyone’s guess regarding who will win in Nov. For more posts about US Politics, click here.

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