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Political Dogma

Political DogmaI saw Mark Cuban being interviewed on Pierce Morgan the other night. What a smart guy, up beat, positive and seems to know what he is all about. He is obviously very successful as a business man having succeeded in turning the Mavericks around as well as being successful in a number of other ventures.

What caught my attention was the discussion they had concerning politics and whether he would run for president some day or not. He emphatically indicated that he would not run for president. However he is young and there is lots of time to change his mind and make a contribution to the history books as a business president rather than a political one.

Political Dogma

The conversation centered around making things happen in US politics and by extension in Canadian politics as well. His emphasis if I caught it properly is that there are lots of political dogma being spewed by the politicians. But not sufficient action. Once you state a plan or direction, it must be followed up with action in defined steps so that you actually achieve what you set out to achieve.

In his opinion there is not enough action being undertaken and too much talking. Could he run a business without taking action, NEVER! The business would long ago be bankrupt and one wonders if that is where the United States is headed at this time with its huge debt. There are a lot of tough times ahead and most politicians would prefer to not deal with these things, since they usually lose votes as a result and do not get re-elected.

Mark did not say all of these things. Instead I have added some of my own thoughts to his comments and I hope his intended direction. He offered his opinion about what needs to be done as many of us do. It seemed to make sense and he has a track record of success!

Maybe we will see him run for President sometime in the future. Could he make a huge contribution? Absolutely! But the real question is whether he is crazy enough to take on this challenge. Certainly right now he is having too much fun doing what he is doing.


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