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Did Chris Christie really make this mistake

Chris ChristieIt is hard to believe that Chris Christie would make such a stupid mistake and go along with obstructing bridge traffic! It is just as hard to believe that his staff would initiate such a thing without his knowledge! However it did happen and this situation needs to be investigated. Either way it probably spells the end of any potential run he might have been thinking about in terms of running for president. He is running for president, however he is not doing as well as might be expected for another reason. Donald Trump appears to be running away with the nomination,. Although there is a lot of time yet to go before his position is finalized as the republican nominee.

Chris Christie – Looks Bad

However it looks bad for him either way. He either knew about it which is pretty negative for him or he did not know which also means he cannot control his staff. Bad management skills no matter how you look at it. Bad political skills as well, which clearly takes him out of the running for president.

Who is behind this and who brought it to the attention of media? His enemies of course! The Clinton’s will be involved, but you will never prove it. His republican enemies who also want to run etc.

We think he is finished as far as running for a national ticket! He will weather the charges since we are sure nothing can be provided, however in the minds of Americans, there will also be some doubt. These people will not vote for him and his enemies will continue to use this issue against him to make sure he never even decides to runs for president. Comments?


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