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USA goes over Fiscal cliff

USA goes over Fiscal cliffWhen this post was written the US was about to go over a fiscal cliff, and many people are thinking what a bunch of incompetents. They all should be fired! Can you imagine if any private company manager ran their company in this manner. They would be bankrupt in a hurry.  I guess that is why the US is headed in that direction.
Fortunately after this post was written the US government passed the required legislation to avoid not having to pay their bills and essentially be considered bankrupt.
Get used to it America. You have incompetent people running the government and China is about to take over the world. They are already ahead of us in terms of production capability and there net worth will be there soon too. In fact it was recently announced that their economy is now larger than ours is and that means they are the most important nation on the earth at this time.
We just do not have the clout that we used to have and it is going away fast.

What about Your Personal Fiscal cliff

Are you facing the same situation? If you are there will be no rescue from the congress or the senate. You cannot print money and you cannot borrow enough money. Chances are your credit is bad due to being over debt and not being able to pay the bills.
If you are approaching your own fiscal cliff it is time to do something about it before you lose your home, your car or other personal affects.
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  1. well the senate managed to pass a temporary measure. the house still needs to vote on it. the politicians screw up again and the us goes over the fiscal cliff

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