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Dancing with the Stars and Bristol Palin

Bristol PalinWell Bristol Palin made it through another night and two former winners went home last night that danced much better than she did. How does this happen? Why should talent not count for more? Clearly Bristol has not got what it takes to train and perform at a level that other contestants have. She is young and immature and has not had to really compete for anything in her life compared to the other contestants. There are very successful people competing with her that know how to work hard , to prepare and to go out and give it everything they have. Bristol simply is not in this category. So why is she still there and not even in the bottom two or three?

Voting Structure – and Bristol Palin

The answer is pretty simple really and it reflects on the way the voting system is set up. The judges are responsible for 50% of the vote and the voting public is responsible for the other 50%. Last night, Bristol Palin improved from the previous week, the judges indicated this and as a fan of DWTS, I would have to agree. They kept her at the lowest score, but they also rewarded her with a score that really was not too bad at all, 7.5 across the board for a total of 22.5! Although having the lowest score she did not even make it into the bottom two!

In order to get a lot of votes from the audience you must have a following and franking some of the folks that went home before her are not in the mainstream any longer and do not have a strong enough following to enable them to get the votes. They also scored better than Bristol, but not significantly better, being only a couple of points ahead of her and well behind the leaders who had 27.

Bristol Palin – You Need a Strong Following

Bristol Palin has a following, or rather her mother does. Her mother is a big fan obviously and she has stated several times that she is rallying her followers to get out there and vote for her daughter. And they do vote so much so that they keep her out of the bottom two every week so far. These people are not voting for excellence, they are not even voting for themselves. They appear to be mindlessly following what Bristol’s mother tells them to do. Sad but true and this is how you end up with what we have. The voting is working exactly the way it is supposed to.

Are the Judges Doing Their Job

The writer happens to think that the judges are not doing their job. Bristol’s performance was so far below that of the other performers that her score should have been much lower. With a greater separation, there might have been a better chance of her going home much earlier.

Will it Make a difference in Who Wins Dancing With the Stars

Will it make a difference in the long run? Probably not, Bristol will never measure up to the leaders and will go home eventually. The people who have gone home already would have also gone home before the leaders as well unless they significantly step up their game. So will it make a difference in who wins, probably not? But should she have gone home last night? We think so!


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  1. i agree with the writer on this one. Bristol has no talent and yet she stays on the dancing with the stars show. Ridiculous

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