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Bristol Palin Weight Loss

Bristol Palin Weight LossDid Bristol Palin lose weight or was the perceived weight loss from some work by a surgeon? We are not sure but something sure looks different this season. She looks great and she looks more mature than she did last season. However although her looks are better her dancing did not improve at the same rate. She was being kept on the show just because of her mothers voting friends. She does not have the work ethic to get ahead on this show. These other people on the show are very competitive and hard working. Bristol is out of her depth and it shows.

Bristol Palin Weight Loss – DWTS

You may be thinking that we are picking on Bristol, however we are categorically not picking on her. She has improved from last time, she looks better, but she just does not measure up to the rest of the competitors. She has now gone home and we will no longer poke fun at Bristol Palin for her dancing or whether she lost weight or not.

DWTS is an absolutely fantastic show. all of the stars improve and all of the stars lose weight throughout the show. they are really working hard and when you basically exercise for 8 hours a day or more, then you are bound to get in better shape and lose weight as well. Wish we could be in such shape!

Well this is the last post about Bristol and DWTS unless something monumental comes along. We really like the show and in fact think it is the best show on TV these days. It takes hard work, talent and skill to win the trophy, contrary to many of the other reality shows that are on TV these days. We strongly support what this show is doing and look forward to many more weeks of great entertainment.


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  1. i hope bristol palin does well in life, but unfortunately she has that attitude thing that a lot of young adults have. I want a lot of money , but I do not want to work for it. she good have done much better if she had a better work ethic. who cares if she lost weight or not.

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