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Bristol Palin – Dancing With The Stars

Bristol Palin - Dancing With The StarsCan you believe it, Bristol Palin is still on Dancing with the Stars? She had the lowest points going into this session, week two of the 2012 season by a long shot and who gets booted off? Instead Joey Fatone and Kym Johnson were given the boot, much to our disgust.

Bristol cannot dance and worse, she is not even trying.  She does not seem to have the work ethic which is so symptomatic of many young people these days. So what is keeping her on the show. Well in our opinion it has to be the republican right. Also all of the young single mothers who are pulling for her. And then of course there are her mothers follower’s who must be voting for her.

Bristol’s Work Ethic

We predict that unless she changes her work ethic and picks up her style, the judges will give her an even lower score next time just to try to get her off.  the rest of the dancing crew are so far above her in skill and entertainment value that it is really embarrassing. Even the MC, Tom Bergeron does not know what to say. Everyone was shocked last night. If this continues like it did in the last Dancing with the Stars show she was on, other much more talented people are going to be going home before she does.

Let us know what you think about Bristol Palin being on the show and also what you think of her dancing. She has a long way to go before she catches up with the others on the show who have much more talent.

What About Mark Ballas

We also feel sorry for Mark Ballas. He is an extremely talented dancer with tremendous energy. To be stuck with someone who has stated she does not care that much about the show is bad enough. A person who apparently goes home early also must be very difficult to take. Fortunately for Bristol, he is a professional. He will keep plugging away at her to try to improve her dance skills. There are other people on the show younger than her and with far more energy and better work ethic. They are doing well and will be in the finals I am sure unless the voting really gets out of whack.

Vote for anyone but Bristol so that she goes home next week regardless of how she does so that the real competition can begin with the people who are working really hard on Dancing with the Stars. We need to see a real competition and not a popularity show that is really attributed to her republican mother. She probably is a really nice girl, but get with the program and start competing. Work hard and at least try to improve!

That is our take on last nights elimination with Dancing with the Stars.


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One Response to “Bristol Palin – Dancing With The Stars”

  1. the only reason she is still there is because of her mothers followers and the republicans that vote for her. It sure is not because of bristol’s talent!

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