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Dancing With the Stars 2013

Dancing with the StarsDancing With the Stars 2013: Zendaya Coleman, Kellie Pickler and Aly Raisman are top contenders for the mirrorball trophy with Kelly Pickler at the top of the leader board. She is a sweet country girl that is also extremely good looking as well. We hope she does well. In fact all of the contenders at the top of the list have great personalities and are also very attractive which helps when it comes to popularity votes on a show like dancing with the stars.

This show is by far the best show on TV for TV viewers. Lots of entertainment, family oriented and humorous. Last night they also had Stevie Wonder and all dancers danced to one of his musical hits. What a night!

The dancers find it very challenging with the long days of practice and all of the physical work that goes into it. They find it hard and challenging, but they love it, especially to hear the audience appreciation for their efforts.

Dancing With the Stars

This is one of the best entertainment shows, reality shows, whatever you want to call it on TV right now. It is interesting to watch how the various contestants improve over the season. Even Nancy Grace was on Dancing With the Stars on one of the seasons. She did moderately well compared to some of the younger people who are more flexible and agile.

We have to give her a lot of credit for just getting out there and being on the dance floor. Personally this writer would find it very intimidating to be on the dance floor with millions of people watching. My two left feet would trip myself or my partner for sure. So we applaud Nancy Grace and all of the other participants for being out on the dance floor taking on some of the more challenging numbers.


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