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Dancing With the Stars Winners

Dancing With the Stars WinnersMelissa Rycroft and professional partner Tony Dovolani, dancing with the stars winners, danced their way to victory during the latest Dancing with the stars competition which pitted former winners and runner ups against each other to really elevate the level of skill, entertainment and quality of the show. Rycroft, a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader got a perfect score on Monday night to put her in the top position in terms of points from the judges. But it is always a cliff hanger when you build in the audience vote the following that many of the stars have.

Dancing With the Stars Winners – A Good Following Helps

Melissa Rycroft and partner Tony Dovolani really did not have a strong following in terms of supporting fans from previous shows and activities. Many of the others were TV stars, football players and race car drivers along with Olympic athletes. They all have a fan base which Melissa really did not have. However both Melissa and Tony had something else that really none of the other contestants had.

They had desire to win and the work ethic was so strong for these two. They worked to make everything absolutely perfect in their routines and were rewarded with perfect scores. There was another factor as well which really contributed to their wining the trophy.

No Drama During the Competition

Throughout the competition there was never any false sense of drama. None of this phone sexual thing that another contestant  tried to show and garner more votes. Throughout the competition they always had huge smiles, a great attitude. Also an endearing personality that we thing endeared them to the audience and built a fan base among the Dancing with Stars viewers.

This is really what gave them the edge over the other two runner up contestants. We do not want to take anything away from either of the other two. They were excellent and provided a fantastic show and skill level with all of their dances. They just did not endear themselves to the audience as much as Melissa Rycroft and professional partner Tony Dovolani did during their dances. Also any interviews and conversations they had in front of the media.

We really love to watch this show. It is such a positive motivation and uplifting show, we either watch it life or we record it and watch it as soon as possible after words.  Tom Bergeron does a fantastic job of keeping everything on schedule and filling in sound bytes to bridge the gaps in conversation. Don’t’ change the format guys, just give us more of the same and keep the level of competition very high.

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  1. My wife really likes dancing with the stars , this us a really great show that we watch every night

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