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Borrego Springs State Park

Borrego Springs State ParkBorrego Springs state park is a wonderful place to visit if you love the desert. There is camping available for those hardy enough to brave the dry desert and the hot sun. Anyone planning on camping in this area must make sure they have lots of water with them to avoid dehydration.

Dehydration can really sneak up on you and we cannot urge people enough to  make sure that they have water with you.  The picture below really gives you an idea of just how arid the area is and why you really need to take the proper precautions when camping or even driving in the areas.

Borrego Springs State Park

Borrego Springs State ParkThe town of Borrego itself is a nice little quiet village with a couple of small restaurants, a golf course and a community of homes around the golf course. They have a school and the other usual small town support, however do not expect too much excitement in this small town at night.

People come here for the quiet and solitude, the clear air and the environment. It is also a long way to any major stores such as Walmart or a supermarket. Gas can also be more expensive, but then you will not be driving too much in the area either.

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