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Salton Sea

Salton Sea.jpgThe Salton Sea, California shown in the distance is located in southern California. It is south of Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley. The Salton Sea is actually below seal level. The largest land locked sea in the USA. Unfortunately it is not a place were you would want to spend a lot of time going to the beach or swimming in. There are few nice beaches and the water level has been declining for the past few years. Which has become a concern to local residents as well as local farmers.

Salton Sea  – Swimming

Chemicals foul the water. Most people will not even put their boats in the water. It remains a beautiful sea to look at in the middle of the desert. When sea levels were higher and the land was actually lower. The water level is continuing to get lower due to the extensive evaporation.

This picture was taken from the parking lot of the Red Earth Casino. It is a small Indian Casino along highway 86.  click here for more information. For more information about Borego Springs California, click here.


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