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Borrego Springs California

Borrego Springs CaliforniaBorrego springs desert

Anyone planning to go to Borrego Springs can follow these directions. To get to Borrego springs take highway 10 E. from Palm Springs, Los Angeles, or the other Desert cities and then take Highway 86 S. towards Borrego springs. You will see the turn off on Highway 86 for the road towards the town of Borrego springs. This road takes you through the Badlands in the desert which are some of the pictures shown above and below.Tthis is a beautiful area of the desert and there’s lots of off roading opportunities in this part of the desert.

20130313-185348.jpgThe trip to Borrego Springs California is a nice drive taking about an hour to two hours depending on where you are coming from and also how often you stop like us to take pictures. There are also specific locations for those people in RV’s to pull off the road and spend the night with no services. There is also an RV park in Borrego Springs California where you can park for the night and also obtain some services for your RV. It is within easy walking distance of the town of Borrego Springs California as well, although some people might want to take the  car or bike into town.

Borrego Springs California – Views

20130313-185355.jpgThe view on the road to Borrego Springs California is absolutely beautiful if you enjoy the desert. There is a small golf course, a nice housing development and several small hotels. There are not many services such as bars and restaurants. This is a place to chill out and relax in the pure desert air. There are also lots of places to hiking, there is a desert museum and interpretive center as well to visit.  Anyone planning to stay in Borrego Springs California, should plan on spending a very quiet vacation.  If you need to go shopping for major groceries, or other items, plan on taking the entire day to drive into Indio or one of the other desert cities in the valley.

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