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Feed the Giraffes at the Living Desert

Feed the Giraffes at the Living DesertVisit the Living Desert in Palm Desert and feed the giraffes at the living desert at feeding time.

Feed the giraffes at the living Desert at 10 o’clock every morning. Game wardens will open the gate to visitors to come through and feed the giraffes. Each visitor is given a twig for the giraffes which is one of their favorite foods and all you have to do is hold it up in the air and the giraffe will reach down with his long tongue and grab the twig from your hand. It can be pretty exciting for the kids.

Feed the Giraffes at the Living Desert

Sometimes¬† the giraffe will slobber all over you but that’s just part of feeding the giraffes. Everyone will get a chance to feed the giraffes so don’t worry you don’t have to rush or crowd around.

The kids especially enjoy this part of the visit to the Living Desert.  If it is not too busy, you can also go back to the end of the line and go through a second time. When the food runs out, that is the end of the feeding the Giraffes activity. They all seem to know when it is time to be fed and when time is up. They just wander off in search of more sustaining food for them to eat.

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