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Backpacking TipsTravelers whether in your own country or around the world enjoy seeing the sights and wonders of different places. Many travel  with only a backpack for all the things they need giving them the flexibility to go almost anywhere. Because they only have a pack on their backs, the possibilities of new sightseeing and activity adventures are limitless.

But of course, before you head for a faraway hiking adventure with your backpack, or are just going camping in the next town, you must make sure that you bring all the things you need to be properly prepared and they all must fit  in your backpack. Below is a checklist that will make your backpacking adventure a more pleasant experience and will apply whether you are camping or backpacking around the world. Remember the more you pack the more you have to carry and they can get very heavy after a long day. Here are some backpacking tips.

Backpacking Tips


Of course, you need a backpack, however this is really one of your most important purchases. It must be large enough to hold everything that you want to bring with you, while at the same time it must fit you comfortably with supporting straps and padding so that it does not chafe on days when there are long days of hiking or walking. Consult with someone at a store who has some experience and knows a thing or two about backpacking. Choose a backpack that comes with a detachable day pack for daytime excursions.

Quick Drying Towel

Widely available in many stores. You don’t want a heavy, damp, big  towel that takes up a lot of room and weighs you down. Add a face cloth to this as well for quick freshening when you get the chance. Again absorbent, but quick drying.

Walking Shoes

Clothing is a difficult topic. You really have to give some thought about the conditions you will be in while backpacking. Obviously you should pick comfortable shoes for walking but you may need something more dressy as well for the odd special location.

Underwear and socks

These go without saying. Quantity depends on were you will be and access to laundry facilities, even if you have to do a hand wash once in a while.

Long Underwear

Long underwear depends on the season and place where you are traveling. Long underwear can also double as pajamas when you stay in hotels that do not have adequate heating systems.

Pillow Case

Using your own pillow case is an essential thing to keep in mind when you stay in hostels and it can double as a dirty laundry bag as well.

Sleeping Bag

Select a lightweight sleeping bag. Down is the best type of sleeping bag.  Feathers are very light and you can compress a down sleeping bag into a very small package. If you are allergic to feathers, you will need to select something that is synthetic.


Most countries require a passport for exit as well as entry. This is a must have!

More Backpacking Tips


Take several wallets, one that you use every day and one that you can conceal on your person. Always have some cash in case you are mugged. Better to give them something vs. losing it all or your life.


An electronic camera with large amounts of memory should be considered.  You will want tobe able to charge the batteries at times and download your pictures to an email program at internet cafe’s.


You will not be able to recall everything you do on your trip especially if it is along one. A journal is an excellent way to help remember some of the more interesting details.

Flip Flops

If you have to use a communal shower at a hostel or a camp site, flip flops are excellent to use to protect your feet. They are also great to use at the beach.

Traveler’s Checks

Always have some cash with you and the bulk of your money in travelers checks. You should also check with the countries that you are going to, to confirm which type their banks / hotels will accept.

Wet Wipes

A small pack is light weight and easy to carry.

Landry Detergent

Small amounts may prove valuable especially if you have to do a hand wash in the sink.

Rain Coat

A light plastic rain coat is always a good thing to have. The thin ones work well and do not take a lot of room, nor are the to heavy to carry in your back pack.


A lock that you can use to lock up your things in a container may also be useful.

Band Aids

A small medial kit that has the basics, bandages, scissors, gauze and disinfectant may become useful when you least expect it .

Travel Guide

Try picking a comprehensive yet easy-to-carry travel guide.

Personal items

The usual stuff such as toothpaste, deodorant, soap, and shampoo.


A tip: The night before you leave, check all clothes that you need. Then take only half of them. Clothing simply weighs too much and can be washed anytime, even if you have to hand wash in the sink. Take only what you can carry at ease.

Hope these backpacking tips help. Select what you need based on the type of trip you are going on and how long you will be away. We appreciate comments about this post and anything we might have missed. Spam comments are auto deleted.

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  1. this is a great camping checklist. wish we had it last year when we were camping.

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