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Bullhead City Condos

We recently stayed in one of the red condos pictured below during the month of March, 2011.  The unit itself inside was actually quite nice, although it did have a few negatives that unfortunately will deter us from returning in future years. Read more below and make up your own mind as to whether you would want to spend your money renting one of these units. The address is 251 Moser Ave, Bullhead city, Arizona. This property is located on the Colorado river across the river from all of the casinos in Nevada. There is a boat landing which can be used to catch a water taxi across the river to the casinos as well.

Picture of the Bullhead City Condos condominiums

Bullhead City Condos


The view from the 2nd floor balcony is really quite nice with the Colorado river in the foreground and the casinos in Laughlin across the river. They are especially nice at night when all of the lights are lit up. It really has a nice view of the river, the casinos and the mountains in the background. There are mountains on both sides of the river.

Pool Unheated

We were led to believe that the pool would be heated for March. The days were certainly nice enough to go swimming and we have stayed in other condos in this time of year were we have swam a lot. The pool not only was not heated, it was around 61 F, it was dirty and the ducks swam in the pool every day and crapped all over the deck. Not sanitary and not nice.

We spoke to a few fellow travelers and they also were expecting the pool to be heated. Bottom line get it in writing and do not believe what the sales person or the owner tells you. This property is experiencing financial trouble. They have problems collecting the HOA fees and have to cut back on expenses. Therefore the first thing to go I guess is the heated pool!

Not Well Equipped

As furniture goes, TV’s etc, this unit was very well equipped. We had to buy wine glasses, all of our spices , catsup, mustard etc, dish towels and dish rags. Most unit owners who rent to  snow birds make sure that even these basic things are provided. There was no hair dryer either.

Now before you suggest that we are being picky or expecting more than we should, let me say that we have been renting condos for over ten years and know what to expect. This unit ranked a 4 out of 10 in this area.

Laughlin Bullhead Vacation Rentals & Sales

Nice people, but not very good at following through with requests. For example, we did not have screens on the sliding glass doors for our unit. Apparently they were in the garage being stored. It took over a week for two of them to show up at our door and another 5 days for the remaining 2 to arrive. They were dusty and no attempt was made to clean them at all.

The vacuum is one of those types that has a roller for beating the carpet which is driven by an electric motor with a belt from the motor to the roller. This belt was broken, had been that way for some time because the motor shaft was rusty. We were supposed to receive a new belt, however have not seen anything from anyone in over two weeks.

These are not big things, but it reflects the level of service you can expect. Our unit was clean, I can only imagine if it had been dusty or dirty. What would we do then? The contract is all one sided so pay attention. If you want that pool heated, put it in the contract or do not go there!


If you have stayed at 251 Moser Ave in Bullhead city in Arizona, and have had a great experience or not so good, please your comments to help other snow birds who are looking for a place to stay for the winter! We would really like to hear comments. They continue to advertise this property and it really does not measure up to what they are saying about the property. For more posts about Bullhead and Arizona, click here.


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  1. we also stayed at this condo as well and will not go back. The rent was ok, but the place is not clean and the maintenance is not kept up. The pool was not maintained, so we could not go swimming.

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