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Treating Allergies

Treating AllergiesThis is the fourth post regarding treating allergies and asthma. Our previous posts, “Asthma From a Patient’s Perspective”, “Allergies and Where You Live”, and “Allergy Season is Here”, may also be of interest to some of you who have an interest in this subject. Anyone who suffers from allergies knows just how much of a struggle it is. It can be the same as having a bad cold all spring or all summer long. It is not fun and consumers will do everything they can to minimize the symptoms.

We are posting this series of posts on this blog because often people who are suffering from allergies also have issues with diet and overweight due to their inactivity.

Treating Allergies

Treating allergies is really all about treating the symptoms. There is no magic pill that you can take that will cure your allergic reaction. Every year millions of over the counter as well as prescription medication is sold to consumers for the treatment of allergy symptoms. For the most part, they may help alleviate the runny nose etc somewhat, but they certainly will not cure the problem.  As with any medication, consumers should be careful about what they take, what the potential interaction is with other medications you may be taking and how much medication they take. Do not mix alcohol with many of these medications. If you have any doubts, check with your doctor or pharmacist.

If Resources Are Tight

Many people also do not have the money to pay for medications, either over the counter or prescription. Also air cleaners and air purifiers are expensive to install. So What do you do?

You do the same thing that actually all of us should be doing in the first place. That is focus on the cause rather than focus on the symptoms. What does this statement really mean? Well instead of buying expensive medication to try to treat your runny nose, coughing, wheezing, itchy eyes, why not try to deal with the cause of all of these allergy symptoms.

The cause for many people is pollen, which causes your body to produce antibodies which in turn causes your body to produce a powerful chemical which causes itchiness and swelling making your life uncomfortable. Reducing your exposure to the pollen in the air will go a long way to reducing your reaction to the pollen floating in the air. This applies to dust mites as well and anything else you might be allergic to.

Reducing Exposure to Allergens

Your home can become your fortress to keep away from pollen floating in the air. But first, you have to make sure that all of the windows are closed and your home is clean. If you have a central vacuum make sure that the exhaust is vented outside so that all dust and pollen that slips through the filter is delivered outside.

When you do go outside because you cannot stay inside all of the time, try to manage your schedule so that it is early in the morning before the wind currents begin stirring up the pollen in the air. Same thing at night. Windy days are going to be bad for anyone with allergies. If you can go straight to the car and straight to work.

Some of us need to work outside and exposure is going to be high. You will suffer all day but there is no need to suffer at night if you and your family are careful. Whenever you go outside, pollen sticks to your hair, skin and clothes. Going inside your home just drags this pollen into your home and especially onto your pillow as it transfers from your hair to your bed.

Start by undressing in the laundry room, then take a fast shower to wash all of this pollen from your body. This will stop the transfer of pollen into your home and continue the aggravation that you have to endure while outside.

Sleeping at Night

This has to be the worst time for many people. Your body is at rest while the pollen levels are the same if you have not taken the above steps to keep your home pollen-free. With pollen on your pillow from the transfer from your hair, you will itch and sneeze all night.

It is so important to decontaminate as you enter your home to ensure that this does not happen.

The big challenge is to also have your family follow the same rules. Otherwise they will defeat the purpose and make your life miserable. If you have pets that go outside, they will also drag a lot of pollen into the home. In fact since they are low to the ground and  lots of hair, they pick up a great deal of pollen that will be transferred to your home and eventually to you.

Avoid allowing any pets to sleep in your bed during allergy season. This will just make the situation so much worse for you since their fur will be like a magnet for pollen and dust mites which will only make your situation that much worse.

With these few steps you will not cure your allergy symptoms, but you can make them a lot better and at least tolerable at low or nil cost. Treating allergies does not need to be expensive.

Comments are welcome. Especially ideas about how to improve your symptoms without spending a lot of money. Spam comments will be auto deleted.


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  1. this is a really helpful for someone who has allergies. If the pills do not work, then you have to start applying some or all of the steps outline in this post about dealing with allergies. I have had to do this and it is a pain, but worth it.

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