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Apt 203, 251 Moser Ave, Bullhead City, AZ

251 moser aveApt 203, 251 Moser Ave, Bullhead City, AZ

We recently stayed at the Riverfront condos in Bullhead City. These are the big red condos that you see right on the Colorado river across from the Golden Nugget Casino on the Laughlin, Nevada side of the river. This Condo is located at 251 Moser Avenue #203, Bullhead City AZ. 251 Moser Ave  is in the 86429 ZIP code in Bullhead City, AZ.  251 Moser Ave #7 has 3 beds, 2 baths, and approximately 1,631 square feet

Do Not Book This Property – 251 Moser Ave

If you are looking for a vacation rental and plan to spend some time by the pool, do not book this place. The pool is not heated January to March! There were lots of days with the afternoon sun beating down on the pool deck and no one would go into the pool because it was at 61 degrees. Many of the days were truly spectacular with lots of sun and hot. The pool is located on the western side of the condos right on the river and gets lots of sun. You cannot sit there and not go in the pool, but who wants to go swimming in 61 degree water.

There are two hot tubs which are heated and you can use them. However again at some point you want to cool off. A few brave souls did go in the water but only for a few seconds. It is as if they are going polar bear swimming like they do on Jan 1st in the north!

Also the ducks like the pool and leave their excrement all over the pool deck. There were two ducks who were there most of the day every day and left excrement all over the deck. They swam in the pool and one day they were even copulating in the pool. The whole thing is disgusting. If you are looking for a place to go swimming, don’t waste your money unless you do not use the pool ever!

Picture of the Colorado river condominiums

Do Not Believe the Sales Person

One last thing. When we booked this place we were told it has a pool and the salesmen thought it was heated. Should have listened closely and confirmed. He knew it was not heated, but was not going to volunteer the information. We have stayed in a lot of other places and have had the pools at84 degrees all year long!

Moral of the story is buyer beware and don’t assume anything like we did.

The Condo

The condo apartment itself is large , well appointed and quite comfortable. The view on the Colorado is really great and we enjoyed these parts of our stay. The condo could have been better equipped in the kitchen department. We had to buy wine glasses, filters for the coffee machine and all the spices etc. Normally these sorts of things are provided.

All in all, we have decided that we would never come back to this location. We paid $2200 for the month of March 2011 and I would demand a much lower rate. Most of the units are vacant so there is lots to chose from contrary to what they tell you. The sales agent is easy to deal with, however just do not believe anything they tell you.

Poor Service Examples

For example, all of the other units had screens on the windows. WE asked for ours to be installed ( they were in the garage). It took two weeks before they finally got around to bringing them over. The belt on the vacuum was broken, had been broken long before we arrived and remains that way, even though we reported it over two weeks ago.  Don’t expect too much.

As I said earlier, we are seasoned travelers and know what to expect. This unit and the management did not come close to meeting our expectations! For more posts about Bullhead and Arizona, click here.

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  1. We have stayed at these condo’s in Bullhead as well and they are everything the writer of this post said they were. We would never stay there again. If you do stay there we suggest you negotiate a really low price since you will not get much for what you pay.

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