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Starbucks – Cathedral City

This particular Starbucks – Cathedral City location is quite close to Palm Springs and is located on Hwy 111 at  Canyon Plaza in Cathedral City. There is a Target and a Trader Joe’s in the same plaza so it makes it a great place to stop, do some shopping and then have a coffee before heading home. There is also a drive through if you are limited for time.

Starbucks – Cathedral City

This Starbucks location has a shaded outdoor area at the back of the store Starbucks - Cathedral Citywhich actually faces onto Highway 111. It can be a bit noisy at times, however it is a really nice spot to sit, enjoy the sunshine, and gaze at the mountains in the west. The only real negative about this location is the occasional noise from the highway and the occasional homeless person who takes advantage of one of the comfortable seats for a snooze. We only saw this once, but it really does not lend itself to an enjoyable relaxing coffee. Most of the time it is a really nice spot to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Starbucks – Cathedral City – Trader Joes

If you have never gone to Trader Joe’s it is definitely worth the stop.  This is a relatively small grocery store with all of the basics at great prices. You can pretty much get everything that you need here unless you are looking for something special. They also have a great selection of wines and liquor at very competitive prices. They are known for the 2 buck chuck, which is a local California wine that is priced at $2 a bottle.

Now I would not normally write about wine, however there is a story about this wine that I just have to tell. Most people will not admit that they drink $2 wine, after all how could it be any good? Well it seems many people drink it and serve it without anyone knowing.

My daughter and son in-law would not drink  it and even made fun of me for buying it and drinking it. They preferred to pay $12 for a bottle of wine which is a lot in California. When we got home we each opened our bottle of wine and made fun of each other of course. Well it turns out that they could not even drink their wine it was so bad. They were forced to try mine and what do you know, they actually liked it. They drank 2 buck chuck for the rest of their vacation!

Comments on Starbucks or Trader Joe’s are welcome. Strongly recommend that if you are in the Palm Springs area, to take in Trader Joe’s and their wine.

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