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Sleeping Comfortably While Camping

You can forget a lot of things when you go on a camping trip. But one of the Sleeping Comfortably While Campingthings that everyone needs in order to enjoy their camping outdoors is a good nights sleep. Sleeping Comfortably While Camping is one of the most important aspects of camping. If you do not get a good nights sleep, the rest of the trip can be more difficult.

Being dry, being warm and something soft to sleep on are several of the key requirements for a great camping trip. Canadian Tire as do other stores, sells a number of tents, sleeping bags and air beds for the average camper and their families. They have a great selection of camping gear and hiking gear that the average person will need.

Sleeping Comfortably While Camping

If you are buying a tent , make sure that it is big enough to handle all of your needs. There is everything wrong with a small tent that is just large enough for your sleeping and unable to hold your other gear. If you have to run to the car or truck every time you need something, it is not a comfortable thing to have to do in the middle of the night or when it is raining.

Your tent should be large enough to house you and your sleeping partners as well as your gear and even a small area to sit and read if you want to do that during a rainy day or evening. Remember to never keep your food in your tent unless you want nocturnal visitors checking in for a visit and some lunch or dinner.

Canadian tire has a tent selector tool to assist consumers to select the right kind of tent for their use. It is pretty basic, however it does cover the basic camping issues – size or number of people to accommodate in the tent; ease of set up and take down and level of water resistance. Note the more water resistant, the heavier the tent will be, especially noticeable if you have to carry it any distance.

Sleeping Comfortably While Camping – Sleeping bags

They need to be warm enough for cool nights yet not so hot that you swelter in them. You may have several bags that are used for various times. Spring and fall are often cooler so you need a warm sleeping bag, while in the summer you need some thing lighter.

Canadian Tire has many different kinds of sleeping bags for cold conditions as well as for warm summer nights that will appeal to many people at prices that  you can afford. Always air out your sleeping bag after every use so that is fresh for the next nights comfort. A damp bag or a smelly one can ruin just about anyone’s sleep including that of your partners who are sleeping in the same tent with you.

Sleeping Comfortably While Camping – Sleeping Pads and Air Beds

Weight is always an issue especially if your are back packing or canoeing, however comfort at night on a soft bed is also important to get a good nights sleep. Sleeping pads are sized for the individual. They will provide a small cushion to provide some additional comfort instead of lying directly on the ground. Sleepers also avoid dealing with sharp sticks and stones that you might have missed when you cleared the area before pitching your tent. They are typically small enough and light enough to be easily carried over some distance.

Air beds on the other hand provide a more luxurious sleeping arrangement. They provide a cushion of air between you and the ground. No sharp objects are going to bother you at night! They are heavier and they require equipment to pump them up. It takes more time to set up camp as well as pack things up in the morning when it is time to leave.

In later posts we will cover other products that you may need to make your camping trip a success and enjoyable for everyone.


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  1. being able to sleep when you are camping means that you can enjoy all of your trip rather than drag yourself through the days. Invest in a good air mattress and sleeping bag to make sure you are comfortable

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