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Signs of Not Getting Enough Sleep

Signs of Not Getting Enough SleepYou may not experience all of the issues we review below. However if you recognize yourself in any of these areas you may want to think about focusing on getting more sleep. If you are having trouble sleeping, getting to sleep or staying asleep, there are techniques that can be used to help people improve these situations and avoid falling into chronic sleep loss situations. The signs of not getting enough sleep are pretty obvious once you analyze yourself and your life habits.

Sleep loss once and awhile can cause some of these issues we review. However chronic sleep loss will cause these situations to occur often. You need to consider taking positive action prior to something more significant occurring. Here is a brief summary of ten of the major sleep loss symptoms which can be experienced by many people.

Signs of Not Getting Enough Sleep

Cause of Accidents – whether it is lack of attention or nodding off at the wheel, people who are over tired routinely have more work and personal related accidents than those people who get a good nights sleep. an accident can be devastating depending on the seriousness of the accident.

Dumbs you Down– being able to think quickly, remember stuff and being able to discuss complex issues can be much more difficult when you are over tired. Many students will pull all nighters studying, only to find that they cannot recall half of what they read when it comes time to write their exams. This is a classic symptom of not getting enough sleep.

Health Problems – can be initiated or become worse when you are not sleeping. Chronic loss of sleep does not give your body time to recover from loss of sleep and the days exertions. Repairs toi injuries are slowed and if you are fighting a cold for example, it can be much worse when your body does not have the energy to fight it off.

Lack of Sex Drive – for both men and women is symptomatic of lack of sleep. women complain of lack of interest in sex, while men may experience a lower level of testosterone leading to sexual dysfunctions.


Some people will experience depression when they chronically lose sleep. The world appears to be against them and everything they try is difficult and insurmountable.

Ages your Skin – chronic lack of sleep does not allow your skin to recover from the sun, etc and it will appear much older than you actually are.

Being Forgetful – forgetting even the most common things can be symptomatic of lack of sleep. If you cannot recall what you did yesterday or even a few hours ago, you may be experiencing lack of sleep in a major way.

Gaining Weight – no sleep often means low energy and we eat to gain energy to get through the day. This can lead to weight gain. In addition if we are tired all of the time, we tend to do less. Which means we burn less calories off as well.

Can Cause Death – in severe sleep loss conditions as well as leading to health conditions which leads to death. Talk to your doctor if you are not sleeping and get help before it is too late.

Impairs your Judgement – making decisions is more difficult. Recalling all of the data you need to make decisions may be difficult. It all can lead to poor decision making because your overall judgement is impaired.

Seek your doctors help if you feel that you may be experiencing these symptoms and not sleeping well. Follow some of the more common suggestions for improving sleep patterns as well. We cover these suggestions in other posts on this blog.

For information about sleep issues and what you can do about getting more sleep, click here.



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  1. OMG I have that too, it’s terrible, it dibrtuss sleep and you feel sometimes that you can’t breathe when you wake up. Most of the time believe it or not it comes from your sinuses, you collect all that goopy glop that slides down your sinus to your throat, at the base of the throat and you think you’re choaking to death I sympathize with you, I wish I knew what to do. The ENT said it was acid reflux and put me on nexium that helped..NOT!!!! They wanted to put me in a sleep study too, but I haven’t found the time .

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