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Roasted Bean at the Beau Rivage casino in Biloxi!

Coffee at the Roasted Bean at the Beau Rivage casino in Biloxi! Fresh coffee under a glass canopy with shrubs and trees around you, background music and free WiFi. Wait it gets better, although the first coffee is expensive, as long as you have your receipt, all of your refills are free for the rest of the day! For a large coffee you are going to pay $3.85, which is one of the most expensive around, surpassing even Roasted Bean at the Beau Rivage casinoStarbucks.  However all you need to do is show your receipt and you can get a free refill any time that day. So if you are a coffee lover, then after even a 2nd cup of coffee you are starting to get to a reasonable price for coffee.

The Roasted Bean coffee shop is better than any coffee shop we have been in, including Starbucks! Muted earth tones decor, open to the atrium above, it is an enjoyable place to sit and savor your morning coffee. It can get a bit crowded at times, especially if the hotel is full, however most people only stay for a few minutes and they are on to their conference, the pool or to the casino.

Comfortable Surroundings

All of the chairs are padded and they have invested in easy to clean marble tables. None of these short stay uncomfortable non cushion chairs which make you want to leave at the Roasted Bean coffee shop. And the place is clean, which says a lot about the management.

On nice warm days in Biloxi, you can also go outside and enjoy the warm air on the patio while you enjoy your coffee. The Roasted Bean has solid tables and chairs with umbrellas for patrons to sit and enjoy their coffee! All in all the Roasted Bean coffee shop is one that we enjoy going back to! This is one of the features that keeps us coming back to the Beau Rivage Casino and Hotel.

The only negative thing about the Roasted Bean coffee place is that there are not enough wall plugs to plug-in your computer. I could only find two. I guess they really do not want you to stay too long working on your computer.

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