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Snow Bird Travel 2011

Snow Bird TravelWe left at 5:45 am in the morning on Jan 15th. Neither one of us could sleep, so we got up at 5 and were on our way after picking up a coffee at the local Tim Hortons. Two to four inches of snow was forecast for the Ottawa area that day, however, we made it all the way to the border at the Thousand Islands crossing from Ottawa Canada before it started to snow! We usually cross into the US at the Thousand Islands border crossing.

For once crossing the border was a non-event. We were the only car in line and the customs agents asked us about 5 questions and then allowed us to proceed. I think they are happy to hear that Canadians are spending their money in the US. Right now they can use all of the extra income they can get.

We passed Syracuse before the snowstorm really started and even then it was not that bad. We had to take our time until we got to Buffalo, and then after that, there was no problem at all. The roads were clear. I almost put snow tires on the car before leaving, but now I am glad I didn’t, since we will spend so much time this year in warm weather.

Love those Texas Road Houses

We stopped the first night in Dickson and went to a Texas-style roadhouse called – Long Horns. Great place with really good ribs and steaks. We cannot get over how inexpensive the prices are. Everything in Canada is at least a third again more expensive and then you add the HST!

The next night was in Solon, Ohio. We always stay at Hampton Inn, since we are never disappointed and there is always a great place to eat usually next door. This time the restaurant was called the Farmers Market. They try to use as much local produce as they can. This was a buffet for $9.95, all you could eat, with 4 or 5 different kinds of meat, pasta, salads, Mexican food, and great desserts. Going to have to loosen my belt around my waistline!

Tunica – Gold Strike

We stayed in Tunica for two nights at the Gold Strike Casino. We usually stay here, since the rooms are very nice and there are three casinos located within walking distance. With free rooms, free wi-fi,  a free buffet, and of course free drinks, what more can you ask for? Oh yeah, win at the slots, well not this time.  Click here for reviews of the Gold Strike Hotel & Casino and also here for the Horseshoe Casino.

Biloxi – Beau Rivage

When we left Tunica, we drove to Biloxi and stayed there for two nights, at the Beau Rivage Casino. Again free nights and $100 free play. We signed up for a slot card at the Hard Rock Cafe and they gave us another $100 in free play on the slots. We had a room looking out on the gulf on a beautiful sunny day. Click here to read about the Roasted Bean at the Beau Rivage casino in Biloxi! For pictures and information about the Beau Rivage, click here.

The next stop is Beaumont, Texas at a Hampton Inn of course. We went to another Texas roadhouse and sat at the bar for happy hour and something to eat. We always try to sit at the bar. You do not have to wait in line and you get to meet all kinds of people who are really interested in our travels. For $13.99, we split a plate that came with real mashed potatoes, a bowl of coleslaw, fried onions, a half rack of succulent ribs, and an 8-ounce sirloin steak done to perfection. The beer was $3.50 and the wine was $4.50! What a deal!

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is a great place to visit, especially along the River Walk. This is a canal that runs through the downtown area, lined with hotels, outdoor patios, and restaurants. A really happening place where thousands stroll along either side of the canal every day. If you have not been here, it is well worth the visit, especially in warm weather when you can sit outside and enjoy the sun and a nice cold beer.

We ended up at Chillies for supper and happy hour. Happy hour is at the bar whenever there is a football game on and of course, at this time of year, there is almost always a football game on. Large draft beer was $3.25 and all appetizers were half-price! The Green Bay Packers won and are on the way to the Super Bowl.

A warning about San Antonio. While it is a safe place to walk around, the city applies a hefty tax on rooms. For a room that cost me $116 at the Hampton Inn, there was a tax of $18 added to the cost, which I find pretty hefty and much more than many other cities we have stayed in. Click here to see pictures of the River Walk in San Antonio


We are currently in Benson, Arizona when I write this portion, after driving over 5000 km, and for the most part, it has been uneventful which is exactly what you want. We have had some heavy traffic and some erratic drivers that flip from lane to lane at high speed, but nothing even comes close to a dangerous situation. Last year we had exploding tires and a cracked windshield, however, so far all we have had is debris on the road which we missed. Someone lost a bumper and cars and trucks were rolling over it, causing pieces to fly into the air. Fortunately, they missed our car!

We are off to Bisbee, Arizona, and Laughlin, Nevada before hitting Vegas at the end of the month. Watch for our next post about these locations. For more posts about snowbirds and their travels, click here.

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