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Rafting Tennessee Whitewater

The Ocoee river is located in Tennessee and is one of the most popular rafting Tennessee whitewater destinations in Tennessee and in the nation. It has over 20 continuous rapids and many spots to stop for lunch. White water rafting enthusiasts will thoroughly enjoy this beautiful and entertaining Tennessee Ocoee rafting river whitewater destination.

Most Ocoee rafting river whitewater trips being in April and continue through the summer months into the fall up to October. There are a number of companies that will provide full services to help you enjoy your Ocoee rafting river whitewater trip. Generally speaking, no experience is necessary for class one or two whitewater trips and these companies have experienced guides that will take you down the river on half day or full day trips.

Rafting Tennessee Whitewater

The Tennessee Ocoee rafting river whitewater trip will take you through 20 rapids and drop 260 feet from the start to the finish. Since the Ocoee river is dam controlled the rapids are just as great in the dryer summer months as they are in the spring and fall. White water rafters along the Ocoee will also enjoy the trip though the dramatic Ocoee gorge.

Full river Ocoee rafting river whitewater trips are full day trips, while shorter trips can be planned along the lower, middle and upper Ocoee river rapids area. Tennessee state park regulations require people who will take advantage of the Ocoee rafting river whitewater trips must be 12 years of age or older.

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