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Preparing A Checklist Of Camping Equipment

Preparing A Checklist Of Camping EquipmentThe best way to arrange for a carefree and fun-filled camping for you and your family is to have the checklist of camping equipment handy so that we do not miss to pack the most important and essential things. Apart from the checklist  do a quick research  about the place your going camping. Know a bit about the locality and its inhabitants so that you don’t have the feeling of coming from an outer planet.

Preparing A Checklist Of Camping Equipment

Hence the most essential part of camping deals with the list of Camping equipment:

1. A tent, lean-to or other shelter device
2. A sleeping bag for warmth
3. A sleeping pad or air mattress is often placed underneath the sleeping bag for cushioning from stones and twigs as well as for insulation from the ground
4. A portable stove to prepare hot meals and/or drinks where campfires are forbidden or impractical
5. A lantern or flashlight
6. A hatchet, axe or saw for cutting firewood where allowed or constructing camp gadgets

7. Various types and sizes of ropes and tarps for stringing clothes lines, sheltering dining areas, and other purposes.
8. A chuck box to hold the many varied camp kitchen items for food preparation, consumption and cleanup.
9. Some campers may prepare food by cooking on a campfire, sometimes using such equipment as a Dutch oven.
10. Much of the remaining needed camping equipment is commonly available in the home, like dishes, pots and pans.

Lists of what to take are available in many camping books and websites. Many people opt not to use their home items but equipment better tailored to camping, such as heavy plastic tableware and salt and pepper shakers with tops that close to keep out rain. Last but not the least the item to be included in the list of camping equipment is a first aid box which is of utmost importance.

Preparing A Checklist Of Camping Equipment

Great care and attention should be given before making this first aid box so that we don’t miss on the basic yet vital medicines which could provide relief when nothing else is available nearby. First aid is the immediate care given to a person who is injured or who suddenly becomes ill. It can range from cleaning a cut and applying a bandage to helping someone who is choking.

One list of items for a first aid kit is as follows:

1. Dressings (sterile, applied directly to wound): Pads
Sterile eye pads, Sterile gauze pads.
2. Bandages (sterility is not necessary, used to secure a dressing): Gauze Roller bandages – absorbent, breathable, and often elastic
Elastic bandages – used for sprains, and pressure bandages, Adhesive, elastic roller bandages,Triangular bandages
3. Gloves, disposable non-latex
4. Torch (also known as a flashlight)
5. Instant-acting chemical cold packs

6. Sterile eye wash (commonly saline) Sterile saline may also be used for cleaning wounds where clean tap water is not available.
7. Thermometer
8. Antiseptic/anesthetic ointment or spray
9. Anti-itch ointment (especially for outdoor kits)
10. Painkillers / fever reducers
11. Aloe veragel – used for a wide variety of skin problems, including burns, sunburns, itching, and dry skin

As and when your checklist is ready you are all set to go and respond to your senses of adventure and accept challenges with a brave heart as and when they come. After you come back from your camping venture don’t forget to update your checklist before setting for the next camping venture because with every trip you would come to know about the things you should have included in your list. So keep on editing and adding new items to your camping checklist so that your experience of camping becomes better and better each time.

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