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Lulu’s Restaurant Palm Springs

Lulu's Restaurant Palm SpringsLast evening we went to a relatively new restaurant in Palm Springs called Lulu’s. This particular restaurant has been open for about a year now and every night the place seems to be crowded and busy with people having dinner or just out for an evening drink or two.

One of the big attractions is that they advertise that they have happy hour all day long as long as you are sitting at the bar or in the bar area at one of the high topped tables! Imagine happy hour all day long.  They are at 200 S. PALM CANYON DRIVE, in PALM SPRINGS. Apparently, there is also a sister restaurant in Palm Desert, however, we have not been to that one yet.

Sit Outside at Lulu’s Restaurant in Palm Springs

There are tables along the sidewalk as well as inside. There is also a second floor where you can dine privately or with a large group. All of the food that we have tried there so far has been great.

The happy hour menu lists all of the items available at the bar. Prices are generally a couple of dollars less expensive than if were to eat at a table, and you can also order off the regular menu as well while sitting at the bar, however, regular prices also apply. Draft beer was $4, so not a bad price.

We were there on a Sunday night around 8 pm and the place was packed. You know the restaurant serves good food when they can pack them in on a Sunday evening!

Kaiser Grill in Palm Springs

The picture on the left shows the corner they are on and the restaurant across the street from Lulus, which we have not yet tried. They are across the street from the Kaiser Grill which is another great restaurant. All three restaurants were pretty busy so there is lots of competition and reasonable prices. In fact, restaurants that are a bit further away from this particular corner have started offering more lucrative happy hour menus in an effort to stay competitive and attract customers. The Falls Restaurant and the Matchbox are two places that have recently expanded their happy hour menus.

We like going to happy hours and trying the menu out. The prices are correct, and you find out if you like the restaurant or not. Many people feel they do not get their money’s worth or are still hungry. We order another appetizer if we are still hungry. Some places, such as Lulu’s restaurant in Palm Springs, offer discounts on the drinks as well as the food, while in other places, it is only on the price of drinks. We have no preference as long as the food is good.

Stay tuned for more restaurant reviews in this area of Palm Springs. We will go back to Lulu’s restaurant in the future and recommend that you visit this particular restaurant if you are in the area. Your comments are welcome. We will approve linkbacks if you provide us with well-written informative comments about the Palm Springs area.

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