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Zini Cafe Med in Palm Springs

Last night we went to Zini Cafe Med iterrano in Palm Springs for happy hour. It was also the night that Palm Springs has their weekly Palm Springs street Zini Cafe Med in Palm Springsfestival. They close South Palm Canyon drive down for about  six blocks and it is then filled with venders on both sides of the road with thousands of people strolling along and visiting all of these venders. This was an excellent time to go to the Zini Cafe Mediterrano. We sat a table along the sidewalk were we could watch the people strolling along and the venders with all of their products.

Happy Hour at the Zini Cafe Mediterrano in Palm Springs

Happy hour starts at 4pm and ends at 6pm, while the street fest begins at 5pm. We arrived sharp at 4 pm, because we wanted to have a choice in tables and we got just the right one for us in our opinion. We sat in a corner along the sidewalk were we could watch everyone, enjoy the scenery with the mountains in the background and also enjoy happy hour. The restaurant, Zini Cafe Mediterrano is located at 140 South Palm Canyon drive in Palm Springs.

Happy Hour Prices at Zini Cafe Med

We found that the prices for beer at $2 was among the best in the area for happy hour. Prices for wine was at $5 per glass which really was not that great a deal. The food was excellent, we had a number of happy hour meals and they were all excellent except for one.

They are all priced at $4 which is not too bad, however they are all relatively small so you really do not get much for $4 . One of the dishes we ordered was humus on crossini which is really just french bread or something like that. It did look nice when it arrived, however there were only two little pieces of bread with humus and a very small slide of cheese on the top.

I said to the waiter, that I could not believe it when he served it. He really looked embarrassed and I could tell he agreed with me. I told him for $4, I should have at least received 4 pieces of  bread with humus. He said he would tell the owner, but I really do not think anything will be done about it.

Location Counts

Overall we really enjoyed the evening. The restaurant was crowded for happy hour and then cleared out around 6pm when happy hour was over. I noticed that it was again crowded later on for dinner which speaks volumes for the restaurant. They have good food and the decor is nice as well. They have white table clothes and cloth napkins which puts it above many of the other restaurants in the area.

We plan to go back later this month for happy hour again. We enjoyed it very much. If you have also been to Zini Cafe Mediterrano, write a comment on this post or your experience at Zini Cafe Mediterrano.

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