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Lose Weight – Avoiding Addictive Foods

Avoiding Addictive FoodsLosing weight when food tastes so great is hard enough. But when these same foods are addictive as well, it makes it even harder to lose weight. A survey has shown that there are many foods that are addictive. These include chocolate, ice cream as well as pizza, cake, cereals as well as many processed foods are actually addictive. They taste great, they make you feel good and your body and mind crave more even after you are full. Processed foods are high in fat as well as salt which is not good for us, especially people with high blood pressure. If you really want to lose weight, you have to eat less and exercise at the same time. We will focus more on eating less in this post. But don’t forget to also exercise to burn calories, improve your cardio vascular systems and muscle tone.

Avoiding Addictive Foods – Keep them out of the House

We have found from personal experience that the best way to lose weight is just do not have these foods in the house. If you have then your fridge or cupboard, of course your going to eat them. That’s just human nature and most of us do not have the will power to resist consuming these types of foods especially if we have become addicted to them.

Instead keep non addictive foods in the house. Anything that is not processed. Anything that is fresh and lots of vegetables and fruit. Eating these kinds of foods are less in calories, better for you and the most important part non addictive. Once you have removed all of these foods from your home, the next steps is to resist these same foods at the restaurant or the fast food places. All of these foods are processed for the most part, contain lot’s of salt and preservatives as well as fat which we all crave. Select salads and low calorie salad dressing instead.

The process of decreasing your addiction may take some time, but it does work and you will lose weight if you avoid these highly addictive food groups! For more help about losing weight and avoiding addictive foods, click here.




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