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Sleep Apnea Machine Pillow

The sleep apnea machine pillow is the least intrusive of all of the sleep apnea masks that consumers can use. They all have straps that go around your head and they all will feel uncomfortable for a short period. The pillow mask covers the nose only. It actually is held in place at the end of your nose as shown in the pictures. After a few days of finally getting a good nights sleep you will be so thankful to be using the sleep apnea machine. Just about any mask will be acceptable. There is a major difference based on this users experience with using one of these machines. We want to discuss some of the issues you might consider while you are deciding which mask to use .

Sleep Apnea Machine Pillow or Face Mask

A face mask which can cover your entire face including nose, mouth and eyes is probably the most intrusive and most uncomfortable for obvious reasons. If you happened to be a mouth breather, you may have no choice and will have to wear one of these masks.

If you are the type of person who does not breathe through your mouth, but are uncomfortable with a pillow type of mask on the end of your nose there are masks that fit over your nose and the top lip of your mouth. This also can cause a ridge line on top of your nose.

One of the big advantages of the pillow mask is that there are no marks left on your face from the mask itself. All of the straps that hold all of the masks onto your face will leave impressions on your face. They  will go away in an hour or two. Usually by the time you shower, get dressed and have breakfast these marks are all gone. You need not worry about someone wondering about these impressions.

For our money the pillow mask is by far the best type of sleep apnea mask to wear. For more details about various CPAP masks, click here.


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