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Jawbone weekly results Jan12

UP WeeklyWeekly exercise results as recorded by the jawbone wristband. The Jawbone wrist band can be tailored to the size of your wrist to ensure that it accurately records both your sleep patterns as well as the total number of steps that you take each day. Use the web sites wrist band sizing guideline to help you order the correct size of the wrist band.  You will need a small tape measure to measure your wrist. Compare the measurement to the table and select the proper wrist band. The newer models also have Bluetooth capability so just hold your iPhone close to the wrist band and it will auto connect and update the app with your latest results. You can also use the app to tell your wrist band that you are going to sleep for the night or just push the button on the end as usual.

Jawbone Results

Each week your account will send an email with your results as shown below. this can be useful to keep track and to take stock of how you are doing. Users should use these results as a guideline and a trigger to improve or increase your activity level to help meet objectives in losing weight or improving overall fitness.

The app on your smartphone can also be used to compare results and trends for the amount of sleep you get each night as well as the amount of exercise you also obtain. Set the objective of adding more steps each day to gradually increase your activity level and meet the 10,000 step goal.
Weekly Summary Jan 6 – Jan 12
Last sync: Jan 12, 6:56 pm
You’re getting UP there, Paul.
See how your daily sleep and step averages compare to the week of December 30.
– 10 m /night
+ 1,019 steps/day

You got the most sleep
Friday 7 h 54 m

This week’s average sleep 7 h 5 m

You hit your goal 0 times

Average bedtime 11:36 pm
Uninterrupted Sleep 5 nights
Average wake time 6:45 am

A good night’s sleep is like bad mood insurance…
Everyone gets a little down now and then. A good night’s sleep works wonders for your attitude and helps you snap back into a positive frame of mind.

Your best day of steps-Wednesday 5,267 steps
This week’s average steps 4,043 steps/day
You hit your goal 0 times

Idle watch
You were most idle at 9 am – 10 am

Total distance 12.8 miles

For information exercise issues and more, click here.


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