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Tesla Recall

Tesla RecallCan you imagine that you are just about to unveil your latest designs at the Detroit auto show. Then the Feds announce that there is a recall associated with your flagship car! This Tesla recall came at the wrong time.

Yep that is what happened to Tesla today at the Detroit Auto Show. Above all poor timing and poor management by the marketing team regarding release of information. In addition someone in the Government is playing politics when they release information about a recall timed to coincide with the companies newest releases. Do it before or do it after. But not during the auto show. Sounds like someone is involved with the competitors of the Tesla Model S!

Tesla Recall Model S

Someone is playing with words. Here is the gist of the Government announcement, “federal safety regulators classified as a recall Tesla’s move to provide upgraded wall adapters and charging software for up to 29,222 owners of 2013 Model S vehicles, citing the risk of fire.”

That’s right Tesla had already announced an upgrade to the charging system in terms of hardware and software to deal with a potential over heating situation for their charging systems.

All of this taking place at the auto show where Tesla announced that they expect to double their foot print in 2014 and sales are booming. We are sure that more information will be coming out on this issue.

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