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Hole Jackson Rafting whitewater

Jackson Hole raftingJackson Hole rafting is home to one of the most exiting activities in the world. As a result White Water Rafting has quickly become a summer activity favorite in this area. There are rafting trips with the calm, scenic upper Snake River offering a unique perspective of Grand Teton National Park. Above all there is the wild and exciting Lower Snake River.

The lower Snake River route runs through the whitewater area of the Snake River Canyon. Certainly many rafters can experience Big Kahuna and other fun rapids around the area. It’s Jackson’s most popular trip for good reason! Jackson Hole lies just west of the Continental Divide. Furthermore the Snake River watershed occupies about 400 square miles. The waters of the Snake River take up part of the valley. In addition it makes for an impressive view. The Snake River provides fantastic whitewater rafting opportunities. These are opportunities everyone in the family will enjoy. Participants must meets specific requirements for some routes.

The Jackson Hole Whitewater offers Whitewater and Scenic Rafting Trips on the Snake River. This area provides 8 miles of the wildest adventurous whitewater trip in Jackson Hole. Float for 13 miles past some of the most beautiful scenery in Jackson Hole. The entire trip takes about 7 hours and many outfitters will include lunch on the river.

Jackson Hole rafting whitewater

Snake River in Jackson Hole Whitewater Rafting

Take Water River Trips through 8 miles of whitewater in the Grand Canyon of the Snake River. Combine spectacular scenery with the excitement of rolling rapids. This trip has all the ingredients for the perfect river adventure. The small 8-man paddle rafts are available on the whitewater section starting in June.

Overnight Trips-Scenic/Whitewater Combo

There are many whitewater rafting outfitters in the Jackson Hole area. You can find many on the internet. However we suggest that word of mouth and referrals is always the best way to go. Going on a class 1 or 2 set of rapids is not dangerous with only 2 foot waves. Each rafting company will provide guidelines for who can participate on each trip. There are height, physical and swimming ability requirements on many of the more aggressive trips. Always check ahead of time before you book your whitewater trip.

However higher class rapids will require more skilled guides. These are rapids with faster water, more waves and lots of rocks to avoid. Skilled guides can handle groups in more aggressive whitewater rapids.

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