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Rafting Skill Whitewater

What are the rafting skills you need for whitewater river trips? Well that depends on which trip you are taking and the class of rapids that you will be navigating. Are you a beginner and want to see what whitewater rafting is all about. Most rafting companies will recommend that you take a rafting trip on a class one river rapids. These are easily navigable and you should not get wet. They are suitable for seniors, children and beginners. Once you have seen what a class one trip is like you can progress to more challenging class two or three level trips.

Most rafting river whitewater companies will have their guides spend a few minutes before you ever get on the river. They will brief you on what to expect and how to steer the raft. In addition how to put on the life vests and all other items that you need to be aware for your whitewater rafting trip. Pay close attention and follow the instructions, to ensure that you will not have any problems. You will enjoy the trip immensely and the thrills that go along with more challenging trips.

Rafting Skill Whitewater

Class 3, 4 and 5 whitewater rapids are more challenging and require more skills from participants. You must be able to follow instructions closely and quickly in fast water, you must be able to paddle to assist the group in directing the raft to the correct whitewater rapid location on the river. You must not panic while on the raft during some of the more challenging whitewater rapids which often have rolling waves and will be sure to douse you in cold river water.

There is always a chance that your raft will be flipped over or someone in the raft will be tossed in the water as you pass through some of the rougher whitewater rapids especially in class 4 or 5 river rapids . Most companies will require that you be a strong swimmer and are able to swim out of these kinds of situations. Some whitewater river companies will require that you pass swimming tests and rafting skills tests prior to actually going on some of the class 5 whitewater river rafting trips. Before you sign up , always read the fine print so you know what to expect and have a great rafting trip through the whitewater rapids.

For more information about the rafting skill whitewater and physical requirements of white water rafting, click here.

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