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Healthy Balanced Diet to Lose Weight

Healthy Balanced Diet to Lose WeightConsumers spend millions of dollars every year on various diet plans, weight loss fads and more. With the US and Canada with the most overweight populations in the world something needs to be done. We cannot continue to live like this with all of the associated health issues that come from being overweight. We happen to think that there is another approach that is following a healthy balanced diet to lose weight instead of starving ourselves. No more yo-yo weight loss and then weight gains. It is time to follow a healthy balanced diet to lose weight and keep it off.

Healthy Balanced Diet to Lose Weight

A friend of mind recently lost 15 pounds in the last 4 months. I asked him why he did it and how he managed to lose so much weight so fast.

The reason he found the will power to lose weight was that his doctor told him he was a pre diabetic and unless he did something he was going to become a diabetic and would have to go on insulin. This was the motivation for him to get serious about losing weight.

Once he decided to lose weight he found that the next part took real will power and a change in diet. He still exercised, but not excessively. He focused on finding a healthy balanced diet plan. He still ate most items, but in much smaller quantities.

The one big change that he made was to reduce his carb intake. This meant that he cut way back on breads, rice and potatoes. He still would have very small portions from time to time. Once he increased his fruits and vegetables along with protein the weight began to fall off.

Now that is how you lose weight without spending a great deal of money and still have a healthy balanced diet!


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