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Hard rock Casino Biloxi Mississippi

Hard rock Casino Biloxi MississippiThe 50s style 24 / 7 restaurant at the Hard rock Casino Biloxi Mississippi was closed on Monday morning. We like to go to this restaurant for breakfast as part of our tradition when we go to Biloxi. The Hard Rock Cafe closed the 24 / 7 restaurant and refers customers to the satisfaction buffet. You can order the buffet or order from the menu.

However, the price for the buffet and the menu items are about the same price which causes most customers to just take the buffet since the price includes all of your drinks including juice and coffee for the same price. A bit of a scam if you ask me.

Hard Rock Casino Biloxi Mississippi – Buffet

In addition, the actual buffet is not really that great. There are not many menu items available and the food is just average. Many competitors have an extensive number of items to choose from including a chef who will cook your eggs to your personal satisfaction. We would not suggest that you eat at this location during the offseason.

Perhaps the Hard rock Casino Biloxi Mississippi opens the buffet during the high season when there are a lot more people around. We also noticed that the casino was not really that busy either. Even though they looked like they could use more customers, rates for the rooms were still very high and did not tempt us to stay at this location.

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