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Spring Hills Marriott Hotel Knoxville

We stayed at the Spring Hills Marriott Hotel Knoxville on Turkey Creek road on the west side of Knoxville. Excellent place to stay, perhaps a bit pricey for travelers, but clean and large well-appointed rooms.

Breakfast was very good with the standard hot breakfast fare that most hotels in this class offer free of charge to their customers.

Spring Hills Marriott Hotel Knoxville

The only complaint we would have is that there is a slight amount of road noise from the interstate which is located right behind the hotel. Customers might want to request a location that is on the other side of the hotel away from the interstate.

Also, there are limited electrical outlets for someone who needs to plug in their computer in the morning. If you are traveling with other devices that need an electrical plug, take an extension cord with you.

WiFi is wide open and free so anyone can use it including people who are not staying at the hotel. This is a potential security hazard for anyone using the WiFi. You can counter this threat by bringing a portable router that acts as a firewall to protect your security. The other approach of course is to limit the sites you access with your devices. Stay away from banking and any personal information sites.

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