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Joining the Goodlife GYM

Well, I have been preaching on this web site about exercising and getting into a habit where you should watch your diet and exercise every day. I gained a little weight over the past few months and I thought it was time to practice what I preached. In our area, there are a number of gyms that we can join, however, Goodlife is close to us and really has an awesome gym with all of the equipment, spinning classes and programs that anyone would need regardless of what shape they are in.

My wife also goes to this gym so it is much easier to go with a partner as well rather than go to a separate gym somewhere else. They make it really easy to join and once you have signed up, they give you a brand new gym bag that says GoodLife on it of course and they also give you a one-hour consultation with an instructor as well. We will talk more about this a bit later, but I want to emphasize that this is something you should take advantage of and really listen to what they have to say. Following their advice can mean the difference between an effective workout vs. working out and not getting much for the effort you put in.

Why I joined the Goodlife Gym

I mentioned earlier that I gained a few pounds. This is true and since it is winter here where we really do not do a lot of outside activity, it is pretty easy to be a couch potato and put the pounds on.  The other reason was that I was sitting in my office trying thinking about topics for this blog and I thought why not talk about my own life and why I needed to join the gym. Practice what you preach and all of that.

It is so easy to do nothing. I am also the type that unless I motivated in some way, I probably will not work out. In my case once I joined the gym and I am paying money every two weeks for the membership, I feel I should get my monies worth out of it. Aside from wanting to lose a few pounds, I will go because I paid for it and do not want to pay for something that I do not lose.

My plans for Exercise

I mentioned earlier about taking advantage of the training session that comes with a new membership. This is something that I strongly recommend that you do. They are going to try to sell you more training sessions, however my advice there is to avoid this unless you really think you would benefit from this type of one on one kind of session. You can get the basics from the initial free first session.

In my case, the plan is the following:

  • 40 min’s of cardio on the treadmill and the stair master machine each time.
  • On alternating days work the arms and the shoulders, then work the legs and the torso
  • Arms – Push-ups, chin-ups, and weight lifting
  • Legs – Squats, lunges, and sit-ups along with some weights for the legs
  • While lifting weights, you should do 8 reps with the last rep really challenging you to complete. In other words, use the right amount of weight that allows you to just complete 8 reps. Rest, then complete it 2 more times

Going with a Partner

We have talked about this suggestion in other posts, however, this is really important. If you need help to get motivated to go to the gym, then going with a partner is going to help you become more consistent in your workouts. We all have our downtime when we just do not feel like going to the gym. If a partner is also motivated to go, then they are going to encourage you to go and vice versa when they do not feel like it.

This is so important because most of us just lose touch with our plans from time to time and besides it is more fun to go with someone you know than going by yourself all of the time. Be positive and take turns driving or calling each other. If husband and wife are going together this can also work out really well too.

Well in subsequent posts, we will let you know how we do, both with going to the gym and also how much weight we are losing. My objective is to lose 20 pounds! For more information about exercise programs, click here.



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