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CPAP Insurance Coverage

CPAP Insurance Coverage varies a great deal based on were you live and also the insurance coverage that you may have. For example in Ontario, Canada if you are a resident with an OHIP card, the government will pay the first 75% of the cost of a CPAP device.

You are responsible for the remainder. However if you have health insurance through work or personally, you will be covered by the that plan. Usually up to 80% of the remaining cost. In other locations, some governments will cover some of the cost. But many provide no coverage at all. These devices in Canada cost around $1200 just to get started. Then every 6 months you are supposed to replace hoses and masks because they become dirty and they deteriorate. this happens even if you wash them every day which is what you are supposed to do.

CPAP Insurance Coverage – Basic Machines

It is difficult to know what is considered a basic machine. Were I live it includes the CPAP, the humidifier, the hoses and one mask for each person. In some localities they might not include the humidifier as part of the basic machine for the CPAP device. Before you make your purchase following doctors orders, it is a good idea to find out what is covered and what is not covered to make sure that you can afford all of the device components. Also do not let them sell you a bunch of stuff that you may or may not need until you have tried the machine for a while, otherwise you could end up spending more money than needed.


Most people have told me that this is a must have. Otherwise your nasal passages and mouth are going to get really dry with so much air passing through.  You should use distilled water for the humidifier to avoid any contaminants getting into your lungs. Anyone with allergies or asthma will appreciate the importance of this suggestion.

You add water every day and you clean out the humidifier every day and allow it to dry in the open air. Other wise mold could develop and cause you some problems if breathed into your lungs. The humidifier is a must have and should be considered part of the basic plan.

Data Recording

Some of the better machines have a memory card in them which can be removed and read by your therapist. They use this information to determine of your treatment is sufficient and to monitor how you are using the machine. For me the more information that your therapist has the better.

Apparently it can also be read and sent by email to you or to your doctor as well for assessment. This can save time and avoid unnecessary visits to the doctor’s office.

Mask, hoses etc

the mask and hoses need to be replaced at regular intervals. They will deteriorate over time and also become contaminated with the oils from your skin. The instructions I received were that they should be replaced every six months or whenever something cracks.

A crack will allow air to exit from the system and decrease the therapy that you are receiving, so it is important to replace the hose or mask immediately to ensure that you continue to receive the required therapy.

The mask should be washed in mild soapy water everyday while the remaining components such as the hose and the straps should be washed once a week in warm soapy water. This process helps to not only keep them clean, it also prolongs the life of these parts and saves you money. This can make a big difference to your budget, if you have to pay for this device on your own.

Should You Proceed or Not

You might be thinking that the cost is high and it is not worth it. As a CPAP user. I cannot emphasize enough that getting a good nights sleep will be such a benefit to you that it is worth all of the money. Besides it might also prevent you from having a heart attack or a stroke which are common problems with people who have sleep apnea.

I have talked to many people about CPAP machines and as users of these devices, they all say without fail that it has changed their lives. They no longer snore, they get a good nights rest and they feel much better during the day. They can perform better at work and also during their leisure time.

If you have been prescribed one of these machines by your doctor, go and try it for a month. It might take that long to adapt to it. But you will likely not want to give it up after getting a great nights sleep. For more information about CPAP machines etc., click here.



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3 Responses to “CPAP Insurance Coverage”

  1. just got my cpap machine and the government covered 75% of the cost and my insurance company covered 80% of the remaining cost. My net cost was $90, which was pretty good considering the amount of sleep that I now get. this cpap machine is really great.

  2. Thanks for doing this series of posts on cpap machines and cpap insurance . It has made a huge difference in my life. I now get lots of sleep

  3. Yes, there are indeed other tmrateents available for sleep apnea. There is surgery available which is done by laser, that cuts away the extra tissue in the airways which is causing the blockage. The surgery is available only to those individuals who are classified as having Severe sleep apnea. Then there is also an AMP dental appliance worn in the mouth like a retainer. The device essentially pulls the lower jaw forward and thus increase airway space. Talk to your doctor about these alturnatives to your treatment. I was wondering though, if it is latex that you are allergic to? Because I also have the same problem, and I was able to order a latex-free mask and tubing from my Apnea healthcare team. So that may also be a solution to your allergy. Good luck!

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