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Ottawa TopchartsOttawa Topcharts (@otta_twopcharts) 4/5/13, 11:07 AM Your Topcharts stats for March. New followers: 41, new tweets: 134. Check your ranking here: Ottawa Topcharts (@otta_topcharts) 3/5/13, 12:10 PM Your Topcharts stats for February. The point of this post is that you can follow how much traffic you are getting from Twitter, how many tweets you send, how many followers, etc. I still have not figured out if this information is actually useful or not and whether it is worthwhile even having this post. Appreciate any comments you might have on this subject or whether Ottawa Twopcharts provides a good service or not.

Ottawa Topcharts

New followers: 23, new tweets: 117. Check your ranking here: Ottawa Topcharts (@otta_topcharts) 2/5/13, 12:10 PM You have gained 15 new followers and finished #2,945 in January in the Ottawa Topcharts.

Check it out here: Ottawa Topcharts (@otta_topcharts) 1/21/13, 11:10 AM Your mid-month stats in the Ottawa Topcharts: new followers: 11, new tweets: 73, position #2,805: Sent with Twitter for iPhone

They used to send this tweet every week, however, in the past month, the tweets have stopped. I guess the guy decided that he was not making any money off the business and decided to stop the service. How do you make money on Twitter is a big question which I have not figured out.

The only way it can be useful is if you tweet links to your website posts and then people see this and come to your site for information. Otherwise, the stats are not useful at all. I regularly tweet a link to posts randomly selected from this blog to Twitter and I get a few likes, links, and retweets. does this do any good or does it bring in any revenue? It is difficult to tell from the stats that I have at the moment. Will have to dig into this more before I spend any more money on this.

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