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Logans Steakhouse Martinsburg WV

Logans Steakhouse Martinsburg has an excellent atmosphere , great bar service and very good rapport with their customers. The bar tender pre-ordered beers before happy hour ended for us to make sure we would get the best price, $3 for an ice cold 22 ounce draft beer. The food was excellent – ribs, salad, sweet potato fries and buns. Salty peanuts are always available at the bar and $3 22 ounce beers for happy hour. This just makes for a great afternoon, especially when you are staying at one of the hotels close by and do not need to worry about driving.

Logans Steakhouse

We always try to plan our trips by staying at hotels that are close to a roadhouse. For example a Logan’s Road House or a Texas Roadhouse. This way we can just walk over to the restaurant and enjoy a great meal. No one needs to worry about drinking and driving because we are walking.

The staff is always friendly. We usually sit at the bar. No need to wait for a table, there seems to be always a spot or two at the bar and they are more than willing to serve you a meal at the bar. The main reason we sit at the bar is that we get to talk to the locals or in some cases other travelers. We find out where they are from, where they are headed and ideas about things to see in the area. It is always interesting when people hear how far we are driving and how long we will be away from home. They are usually quite envious. Many want to know more about our travels and where we are headed.

Whenever you can visit a Logans Steakhouse for great meals and ice cold beer. This is not an advertisement for the chain, we just happen to like this style of restaurant.

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