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Logan’s Roadhouse – Wilkes Barre

Logan's RoadhouseWe recently visited Logan’s Roadhouse in Wilkes Barre, PA and were not disappointed. They had the usual ice cold beer, the peanuts in the shell and a really great steak! We like to sit at the bar and have a couple of beers before enjoying our meal. We chat with the locals, enjoy a beer and munch on the peanuts. The peanuts are in the shell and they ask you to deposit the shells in an empty bucket in front of you which helps decrease the cleanup at the end of the night.  We usually eat at the bar as well since it is place where you can strike up a conversation with other folks. We have met a lot of interesting people over the years this way. Most people enjoy conversations about the local news and hearing about our travel. We tend to stay away from politics and from other contentious issues to avoid any really disruptive conversations.

Logan’s Roadhouse – Salads and Steaks

We ordered a Cesar salad along with a baked potato and a steak with a side order of ribs. Both were cooked to perfection, the meat fell off the bones and the taste was perfect. For the money these meals are the best available as far as we are concerned.  If you have not gone to a roadhouse, you really should. The quality and the quantity are fantastic. My wife and I usually split a meal since the size of these meals are too large for one person. We often order a side of something such as a salad or extra ribs. In fact there have been times when even ordering a side with another meal for two is too much food for us. If you have a large appetite you may order two full meals and then if you cannot finish it ask for a takeout container for the remainder.

Logan’s Roadhouse – Sitting at the Bar

We like to sit at the bar as mentioned, however if you are not the type to sit at the bar, and prefer to have your own table there are lots of seating available. On busy nights you may need to get there a bit early otherwise you may have to wait until a table becomes available. We always seem to be able to find a seat at the bar no matter how busy they are.

The Logan’s Roadhouse in Wilkes Barre is part of the huge chain of Logan’s Roadhouse’s and measures up to that chains reputation.

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